Modern bible
app with
dramatic audio

Alkitab App Mockup
Alkitab App Mockup

Alkitab (Suara) App

Beautifully designed bible app that is optimized for speed. This is an open source bible app built with the latest tech stack out there: React Native & RealmJS

Offline Access 🌩ī¸

Browse and read verses even if you are not connected to the internet

Blazing Fast Search ⚡

Search the verses by keyword, it will return as fast as you type

Quick Jump 🏃

Type the address and directly jump to that verse

Dramatic Audio 🔊

Play dramatic audio from

Behind Alkitab App

I am a ux/frontend engineer who loves to design and create things. I really want to build this thing since the was launched because they don't have any app (you need to download soundcloud app). This is one of the way to use my talent for the Kingdom of God.